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2020 has been far from the norm for pretty much everyone I know. Things that were predicted to be trending, may not be and things that we never thought would be, are. Things are a little bit upside down. Normal holiday gathering that would normally be spent together may be spent at home with our pets and a virtual gathering instead. Whether you are buying or selling handmade, you may have noticed that the holiday shopping has already started! Thanksgiving shopping normally begins in October but we are already there this year. Christmas searches that normally would not have started yet are increasing already. People are ordering things earlier trying to avoid shipping delays. It is normal for customers to buy holiday décor first and then start on the gifts but this year might see more of a mix up. Although, there may not be as much entertaining going on, there may be an increase seen in DIY décor and gifts due to more time and less money as a result of the pandemic. More purpose and intention with gift giving is also being seen, not only because of financial concerns but people being more present and intentional in their lives. Although people are searching for ways to show each other their love, more than ever practical gifts are high on the list this year. People are exploring new ways to create warmth, comfort, sustainability and togetherness into their lives and that will show throughout this holiday season.
The focus in the 2020 holiday season will be gratitude and togetherness “whatever” that looks like. This year it might be smaller gatherings, outdoor gatherings, and even virtual celebrations. Families are finding ways to think outside the box and there could be an upswing in holidays where more time than usual is spent with friends than family due to travel restrictions.
Searches are already indicating that multipurpose is IN and people are getting serious about having a home office. Whether it is by choice or by necessity, the ability to work or learn from home might be the new normal. Things have been put into place and are continuing to expand to make that easier for everyone. I believe this is a trend that will be here to stay for awhile just like face masks which are getting more creative by the day including ones for the wedding party!
Classic blue is always a favorite but I feel like I am seeing a lot of anything large and chunky and colorful to help make people instinctively feel happier. With it being such a rough year, it’s like everyone is really starting to feel the strain of a pandemic in an election year and it is nice to remember the little things that still bring us so much joy. Self-care and things like journaling and coloring can uplift peoples moods and even bring a small group together. As usual, vintage is always in and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The only thing that changes is what vintage really is and how far back you have to go to consider it vintage. The vintage, rustic farmhouse look was already a huge trend and these days that just continues to grow as we find ourselves reverting back to a simpler, more natural time. This is going to carry on through the holiday season this year and far into next year. I, for one, am hoping for an obsessively handmade holiday season to you and yours.