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Cliché as it may seem, it truly is a whole new world. Schools have changed. Businesses have changed. How households merely function has changed. Many people are fighting to make it and find alternative solutions for their lives. The benefits and time savers that technology has brought to our lives seems to have started a new kind of craving. A craving for comfort and solidarity. Etsy really did do a wonderful thing by pulling creators together and giving them a platform to actually make a living and even more to do the things they loved from their own homes. Predictably, Etsy started to veer off the actual handmade path when their bottom line became overly important to them. Other marketplaces have come along and like most things they all have their good and bad features. It’s not easy to make everyone happy and make a profit. As a shop owner, I am fairly certain I have tried most of them. It is an understatement to say that have not been impressed. Many of them are cumbersome to use and most of them are equally expensive one way or another. They just call it a different name.

With Covid-19, even more people need or are choosing to find a new way to earn a living but they also need more comfort in their lives. Families have become even more important again and we are all holding our loved ones a little bit closer. That sense of family and community is what created Handmade Obsession and all of its wonderful parts and it will stay that way. Here at Handmade Obsession, we feel like we are the one stop place for everything handmade.

Many people have heard things like “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, “Having 7 streams of income” or how about “All sales are just a number game”? We agree!! Lots of people had a rude awakening one day when they woke up and their Etsy shop had been closed down with no explanation and not a whole lot of options to try and reopen it. It is all in the hands of the Etsy Gods. Handmade Obsession is all about better options in the handmade industry. Don’t leave your livelihood in the hands of someone else.