The Kayleigh McEnany I Know

Kayleigh was in college when I first met her. I am sure she doesn’t even remember me. I did build her first website though. She was my very first paying web design job. I was the one that originally purchased her name as a domain name. I set her up with a very simple contact website. She was just starting her career but she was laser focused. Her only requirement for the website was that it had to be red, white and blue. That was just the beginning for her and I admired her so much. To be that young and that secure in who she was and what she wanted was pretty amazing to me. I had no education, 4 kids and barely lived paycheck to paycheck. It just amazed me that she was so focused on her future career and she was always so prepared. Working with her on that first website made me realize that maybe I could do what I really wanted with my life which led me to where I am now with this handmade community. As I have followed her career, she stayed true to herself, her faith and her values.

I had less than a perfect childhood. There was a lot of trauma and we were extremely poor. As soon as I grew up and was old enough, I followed my older sister to Florida. She was 14 years older than me and got me my first job in accounting. I lived close to her for the rest of her life even though I didn’t like Florida much at all. We saw each other every day and worked at more than one job together. One of those jobs that we worked together at was McEnany Roofing & Contracting. Her best friend worked there and got her a job there after my brother in law died. He was her second husband and they only had ten years together before he died of cancer. Everyone that knew them, knew that they were meant to be together. He did everything the doctors told him to. My sister researched every alternative therapy and supplements she could find. Two years later while on his 3rd round of chemotherapy and radiation, he had a heart attack and died. She pretty much did too. She spent the next 10 years attempting long term suicide with alcohol. When that proved to not work, she got breast cancer.

McEnany Roofing was the last job my sister had. I worked there with her for a couple of years. In fact, Kayleigh’s dad, Mike McEnany paid me extra once a week to leave work and go to Costco and buy breakfast makings for about 100 people. That night I would precook as much as I could, get up at 3 AM and go to work and make breakfast on a grill out in the warehouse. Every Friday morning, we fed all the guys breakfast before they started their day. Those mornings I found out that Mr. McEnany came to work early every morning to study his Bible and start his day with God. It was one of his favorite times of the day with just him and “his” God. I moved on to another job but my sister stayed there. She loved her job and respected her boss, Kayleigh’s dad. He treated her beyond well! To this day, Mike McEnany is one of the most truly honorable men that I have met.

When my sister was diagnosed with cancer, she refused chemotherapy, radiation and even surgery. She felt chemotherapy had killed her husband and honestly, it probably did, but he would have died either way. She began to eat a raw food diet, cut out all sugar, bought and took any supplement or recommended therapy Google could find and drank alkaline water. As you may have guessed, two years later the cancer had spread to her back, bones and brain. Again, she went to her company and told them that the doctors told her there was nothing they could do at this point. McEnany told her that her job and her insurance were secure and not to worry. He prayed with her and for her. Then, he asked her if she could go anywhere in the world, where would it be. He wanted to send her there. He offered to send her on a cruise or wherever else she wanted to go. She asked him to send her to Reno to a cancer treatment center that thought they could help her. So, he did. He took care of it all from the plane ticket to the treatment center and a place for her to stay in Reno. Unfortunately, it was too late and the cancer had caused so much damage that even low dose chemotherapy was too much for her. My brother and I flew out to Reno to bring her home. She never returned to work after that April that she was in Reno. She died the following August and she received a paycheck from McEnany Roofing until the day she died. That is the kind of man that raised Kayleigh McEnany. That is the kind of family values she comes from and she believes in our President. That is good enough for me.